David J. Yaw

  To obtain a co-op in the programming field that will increase my knowledge and further my education
Work experience
  1996 - 1998 South and Center Chautauqua Lake Sewer Districts Celoron, NY

Office Assistant

  • Debugging/programming for dBase, networking, maintenance of office equipment, and recommending new equipment for purchase, over three summers of full-time work
  1994 - 2000 Advanced Software Publishing Jamestown, NY


  • Formed a small shareware company in high school with another student which produced several products. Among them is a total security solution for Windows and DOS, written in Visual Basic and C++, which sold to the local high school
  1997 - Present Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester, NY

BS in Computer Science; Exp. Grad: May, 2002; GPA: 2.9

Significant Courses: 

  • Software Engineering: Team Environment, Requirements Document, Specifications Document, Test Plan, Code Inspections. Incorporated the entire design process in C++ on Unix, written over the course of 10 weeks. The completed project incorporated 15,000 lines of code. 
  • Professional Communications: Presentations, Group Dynamics
  • Computer Organization: Low-level computer and processor design
  • Intro to Digital Design: Binary, Gates, Flip-Flops, Breadboards
  • Computer Science 1-4, Intro to CS Theory: Theory, Standards
  • Electric Principles for Design 1 & 2: Oscilloscopes, MultiMeters, AC and DC Power Sources, Diodes, Transistors
  • Integrated Electronic Package Design: PCB design and manufacturing
  • Scientific Applications, Analysis of Algorithms: Graph Theory, Analysis
  • Data Communications I: Networking, Protocols, Topology, Transmission & Multiplexing, Error Detection & Correction
  • Programming Language Concepts: Language Design
  • Computer Architecture: Design of System Components, incl. Caches, Busses, Paging
  • Operating Systems I: Processor Scheduling, Resource Management, Device I/O, File Systems
  • Extra Credit Project: A genetic algorithm written to compute the "traveling salesman" problem for the 48 contiguous states
  1993 - 1997 Southwestern Central High School Lakewood, NY

Regents Degree

  • Overall Average: 94%, Graduated 10th in class
  • Member, National Honor Society, DECA (Business Club), High School Bowl (Academic Bowl)
  • Winner, County-wide mathematics competition (Senior year)
  Programming Languages
  • C++, Visual Basic, Perl, C, Eiffel, Java, Pascal, Snobol, Lisp
  Operating Systems
  • Windows 95, Unix, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 3.1
  • Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Apache, CorelDraw, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Lynx, WordPad, X-Win, Pretty Good Privacy
  • Information Technology Student Organization

  • 2000-2001 Treasurer
  • Brick City Singers
  • RIT Singers
  • Amateur Radio Club
  Mr. Gene Homan, Technology Coordinator, Southwestern Central School District
gHoman@swms.wnyric.org, (716) 483-5473

Mr. Angelo P. Bennice, Director, South and Center Chautauqua Lake Sewer Districts, Retired
Letter of recommendation available upon request.